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A writer with completely rational fears of clowns, statues, dolls, and flickering lights.

Formerly Elizabeth Greene but, due to a Facebook mishap, am now Elizabeth Todd.


  1. The Dark Forest

    The hills were always the greenest I’d ever seen. The sky was the bluest I could have ever imagined. The forest on the edge of the village, though. The forest wasn’t colorest of anything, the outside had none of the vibrancy of all that sur...

  2. Danger Lurks Behind the Teeth

    The Cemetery was dark and creepy as usual. These Bloodsuckers love playing up to the usual stereotypes, with blood-stained everything – tables, walls, floors, chairs, everything. We found Thesos sitting at the bar, sipping blood wine. “How ...

  3. Halfsies

    “Bobby! C’mon, kiddo!” The grunts and huffs of running beasts were getting louder behind us. “Denni, I don’t think we’ll be able to make it…” “Shut up and run!” “Denni, there must be hun...

  4. Taco Tuesday

    Taco Tuesday was always my favourite. Always has been, or had been, until Mr. Brain-Fetish came through town. After the majority of us had died of “natural causes,” the mayor decided it was best to ban all meat from the town. This, of course, broke...

  5. The Void

    Friday was the last day. The sun didn’t rise, the moon fell into black. We saw stars blink out, one after the other. People thought the air would turn cold and we’d lose all oxygen, but really? It just got dark. Our paths were lit by artifi...

  6. Responsibilities

    “Is today the day, Thomas?” “Shut up, Jester, he’ll hear you.” “Oh, c’mon! Thom, I’ve done your half of the chores for months, time for you to grow up and own your responsibilities.” “Jester!” Our fathers rumbling voice called...

  7. Shadowed Closure

    Annie shook her head, her face glimmered with tears. "Why are you here, Cissy?” Clarissa clasped her hands in front of her and moved to stand in front of her sister. “Why do you think?” Annie rubbed her face with balled fists. “I don’...

  8. Shadowed Blessing

    Annie looked at her sister. “This isn’t real, none of this is real.” Clarissa smirked. “Gee, you think? I mean, dead siblings don’t usually return from the dead. It’s kind of a one way pass, don’t you think?” Annie scoffed and waved her...

  9. Shadowed Curse

    The trees of the forest stood tall and the shadows danced and cackled as a young girl wandered deeper through the darkened wood. The lantern held in her hand was useless as the shadows consumed the light emanating from it. “Now why on earth would you...

  10. Christmas With the Sidhe

    Clowns, why did it have to be clowns? It could have been Kelpie or even my mother-in-law, but no, instead its rainbow costumes, squeaky noses, trick flowers, and over-sized shoes. Oh, and razor sharp teeth…and claws. All I wanted was a nice eveni...

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