Ascension: Launch Signatures

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I sent the two spare suits back to the armoury, but declined to shut down any more. The Synod were, technically, allies – their “non-conscious” workers did just about everything in the industry-heavy colonies. But it wasn’t much of a close relationship, and Hart had certainly said that it was only the public opinion and their position out here that kept the Navy from going in all guns blazing.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t so bad that they’d go for the capture of a USNE warship. Something else was happening here, and it’d be related to the situation on the ground.

“- you for your co-operation, Captain. While your presence is welcome, we must insist that you land at the spaceport and remain there until the operation is complete due to possible threats in the local system.”

“Is the threat related to the missile launch signatures we registered on the way in?”

“I’m not at liberty to discuss operational matters, Captain – now, please excuse me.”

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  1. Avatar Drake West

    this is getting good, what wrinkles could develop now?

  2. Avatar Pablo Vilas

    “Let’s you and him fight (and we’ll watch).”

  3. Avatar JonB

    Good bit of exposition at the start there, and the uneasy alliance is again well depicted. I can smell the touchpaper smouldering away.

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