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every single thing you hate, you love, you wished lasted longer,
you wish would go away, you want to find,
every single thing you’ve ever wanted to find will be destroyed one day.
every atom that form together to create sentences and verbs and
sports teams and people and oceans and pirates and gold will break apart
like the distance that separates you from me.
and i’ve been thinking more and more about space recently for reasons
i can’t really understand but i know somewhere out there, beyond every star
and beyond every dwarf star and red giant there’s a ledge on which i can sit
and watch you when you were a kid and watch me finding you for the first time
and it would be like i could be there again.
but one day every star will collapse inward and the universe will converge on one point
and it wont be a fiery or explosive event worth watching, it’ll be a second of noise
and then it will end, and that’s okay.

because every star before us went.
and we will too.

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  1. Avatar Heron

    I love how you can let everything rush around you and through you and be you in the splendid bliss of acceptance…and stay grounded enough to keep your fingers tapping on the keyboard!