that scares you

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that’s not a reason to be afraid and i’m not trying to scare you
i’m trying to let you know that there’s more things you can be doing than
writing papers to impress your teachers or working for money you don’t need
and all i want is a home to go back to and a dog and a back yard full of trees
not planted trees, wild trees. i don’t want tame nature, i don’t want a tame relationship
i want a wild beast living inside of me and you and every single one of us
waiting for a moment when we can run through a field without worrying about falling
or hurting ourselves or being late for work the next morning or the politics of friendship
we can’t destroy ourselves before the world will destroy us.
because the world will destroy us
like it destroyed ghandi or that guy you used to toss change to on the corner or
the man down the street with the mid-sized SUV and two kids and aged 40 with a wife
and happy family and decent income but whatever
because it’s okay to be scared.
it’s okay to feel intimidated.
it’s okay.

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