The Insane Knight Introduces the Party

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“I guess introductions are in order,” The Insane Knight said. He pointed to the dwarven zombie and said, “This is my faithful companion, Tlod. Until recently we were on a quest to find the fiend who stole his head.” The Knight pointed at the poodle dog, “This is Montalban, the fiend who stole Tlod’s head. Um…he was human when he did that. My nemesis, Ted the Off-White, turned him into a poodle.” The Knight patted the dragon on the head. “And lastly, but not leastly, we have my faithful horse named Horse.”

Gerry looked confused. “Sorry, but that isn’t a horse. It is a dragon.”

“Oh! Poppycock,” the Knight said. I know a dragon when I see one."

“But…,” Gerry started.

“Don’t even bother,” said Tlod.

Gerry leaned down to pet Montalban and almost lost a hand in the process. He had never questioned the Gods in his entire life. He was struggling not to question them now.

“So,” The Knight said, “point us in the direction we’re supposed to start killing.”

Gerry sighed.

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  1. Avatar Hobo Beard Bob

    For those of you just starting out with this (very confusing) series. It started here:

  2. Avatar Alexa Reed (LoA)

    I adore this series.

    I think it’s time we found out a few things about Gerry, like why he was casting spells and if he’s learned that whole “Be Careful What You Wish For” thing.

  3. Avatar Hilary Blackwood

    Yeah for the Insane Knight

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