Cloud of the Mistress

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Come to me, my goddess from the East
Fade this cruel reality to nil
Take my sight, cloud my mind
For this brief time subsume my will

Come to me, my mistress from the East
Seduce me minute to minute
Then own me every hour
If this be my vice let me sin it

Flee away, companion of the moment
I wish not to be in this place
I wish not to see these things
I wish to not be, reality to replace

Flee away, cold spouse of the moment
I would not be mundanely wedded
To a life so damned and empty
With this tincture may I be beheaded

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Drowning sorrows in a drink, seeping into a depressed puddle slumping in the seat.
    Definitely not a shanty.

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