Blondie's boyfriend returns

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Suddenly two very young kids one female and one male both of whom were black with jet black skin and hair about the darkest I’d ever seen said "Hey mom we’re back what’s this guy doing here. Fortunately the back of her was facing toward the kids which was all covered by her hair so they didn’t see her naked and she was kind of startled and said " Um could you please go to your rooms. Your dad will be home soon and I’ll let you know when he does but for now please just stay in your rooms or go outside and play?" I asked “those are your kids?” She said “Yes. I know Your wondering why are they so dark and black when I’m so white blonde blue eyed and fair skinned. Just wait until you see my boyfriend he’s even darker.” I asked her You have kids but your not married?" She said"Well we never really believed in marriage but we love each other so much we’re considering getting married. Just a few minutes later her boyfriend came in and he had easily the darkest blackest skin I had ever seen.

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I got to see exactly how long her hair was too. It was probably over 100 feet long and looked so very very beautiful. She’ had the blue...

Long haired Blonde Beauty takes me home with her by i love hot blondes

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