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  1. Blondie and her boyfriend decide to get married (Mature)

  2. Me,Blonde, and her boyfriend go for a ride

    Blondie and her boyfriend started kissing and telling each other how much they missed each other. Admittedly they looked pretty sexy kissing. It was sexy just how great of contrast there was between them. The longest blondest haired bluest eyed fairest...

  3. Blondie's boyfriend returns (Mature)

  4. Long haired Blonde Beauty takes me home with her (Mature)

  5. Blonde Beauty lets me out of her hair and takes me home with her

    I asked the beautiful blonde “where am I?” The blonde said "you’re in my hair. It felt pretty sexy being entangled in such beautiful soft silky sexy blonde hair but I didn’t want to be trapped forever so I asked her “...

  6. Prequel to Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

    One day I was getting on the subway to go to work. It was the 2nd stop from the start. Only a few people were on the subway when I got on. Something immediately caught my eye.A girl with incredibly long very blonde( so blonde it was almost white) hair....

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