Out of Mind: Equinox Eruption

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Words crumbled, a dizzy heat flushed the men and women…

The light blossom crinkled & spread as the liturgical threads had foretold. Four spirit stags flew from within the oasis in the bark, exhausting the eyes so sweetly like moon-flares with their celebratory fire bird leaps. Golden silver anatomy deer had guarded the equinox with axes so firm & kind, cries from the soil erupted con spirito, con calore…

Pressing the air to make all organic-be forget to feel heavy, pesante runic vernal matter squeezed its way from the petals of the light blossom, raining, tripping, cello & coloratura vocalises, the first peach, budding bloomed holy.

Shaman Dra climbed to the top of the altar.

“Praise be to Mother, our Wooden Phoenix; Praise be to Tane, to Yggdrasil, to the Lord Deer, to our bird babies who taught us to love, to the faes, & insect hums. We live again.”

The stags carried Shaman Dra teneramente to the oasis, dipped his body in until the stars came out. He & all life respired, baptized, rebirthed.

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  1. Avatar Escapist

    This is part of a project in which I write while under the influence of different substances.

    While writing this, I was high off of painkillers and was simultaneously experiencing withdrawal from a medication I am being weaned off of.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Very, very bizarre. Okay, the comment about painkillers explains a lot. It feels rather loose in places, which kind of works and kind of had me scratching my head.

  3. Avatar JonB

    Fantastic, apocryphal, vernal explosion: the title is perfect.

    Reading it is an interesting experience: very much like parsing something in a dream, where individually the sentences are fragmentary and muddled, but a very strong narrative sense still remains.

    This project of your is a brave and interesting thing to do, and I think that, overall, it has certainly been worth the effort.

  4. Avatar Escapist

    Thank you both for your feedback, it is always very much appreciated!

    And thank you to the Ficly moderators for the feature!