Airships: Rivalry Foregone

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Difficult situations indeed’ Elletra couldn’t help but smile.

Cerian ushered her farther away from the others, “Understand, my father, The Earl has been coming and going at very odd hours of the days and nights for the past few weeks. He’s been mumbling about delays and shipments in his office. He hasn’t been home that I’ve seen for two days. I trust you can relay this information to Illy before he hears it from the wrong mouth.”

“I’m not sure what your point-”

“My point is, Dieter and my father are much closer than Illy ever was to either of them. They tend not to see eye-to-eye.” Cerian’s eyes dulled slightly from their shining fervor as she pinned on a smile, “Boys will be boys after all.”

“Talking about me, Cerian?” Hawkeye grinned as he walked over.

Before he could respond a servant opened the door and beckoned Dieter over. “The Earl is requesting your presence at the factory, sir.”

“Keep him safe.” Was the last thing Elletra heard before Hawkeye took her hand, following Dieter out of the room.

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Elletra swallowed as Cerian made her way over in a significantly more restrained manner than her younger sister. Hawkeye quietly tugged Iness...

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