Airships: Big-Game Hunting

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As they entered back inside, Elletra tried to ignore a sense of déjà vu as she scanned for the exit in the giant room. Hawkeye was muttering in Martese, staring across the crowds for an opening that would seem inconspicuous.

A scream suddenly pierced the room, the music and conversations scraping to a halt as Elletra noticed the crowd rushing over to the far end.

“Help she’s dying! I think she’s bleeding! Someone find my sister’s husband!” Inessa shouted, gathering the frenzied attention of all.

Hawkeye chuckled and they made a beeline for the doors that were now unattended.

That was a distraction?” Elletra asked incredulously as they flew down the darkened steps.

“It worked, didn’t it? I must say, her scream has improved tremendously.” He grinned.

Elletra heard the familiar hoofbeats of a galloping horse in time for her to dive into the shadows of the building with Hawkeye quickly following. They silently watched as Dieter sped by on a black horse towards the most industrial part of Machina.

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Inspired by

Dieter disappeared down a corridor while Hawkeye led her back towards the main party. “The Earl must have been alerted.” He looke...

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