The Bonds of Sisterly Affection

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Acalle’s mouth made a thin, highly disapproving, line. “Your confidence in the skills of your…companion notwithstanding, I hardly think his failure to kill you is sufficient proof of innocence.”

Phaedra bristled at the emphasis her sister put on the word “companion.” There were, of course, rumors in the court concerning the nature of the relationship between Dabrose and the Princess—baseless rumors without a hint of proof, she would stress (even if some of them were true)—but to have Acalle hint at their existence was galling. Several cutting remarks sprang to mind and were discarded. Instead she composed herself and smiled condescendingly at her sister.

“Of course not, dear sister. That is why I intend to seek out further proof.”

“You would waste valuable time on trying to prove a born ruffian’s innocence? It’s irresponsible, undignified behavior.”

“It would be more irresponsible,” Phaedra said forcefully, “to let an innocent man die while the guilty escape punishment.”

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Comments (4 so far!)

  1. Avatar HSAR

    Great work developing the two sisters’ relationship here. The dialogue is the driving force here, as it should be, and the choice of words gives each line weight.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Great exchange here. I love the very real feeling bit about being offended by the insinuation and rumor…even if they are at least in part true. Nice touch.

  3. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Nicely done! Ooooh Acalle is beginning to irk me even though she has an awesome name…

  4. Avatar JonB

    A nicely structure exchange, with enough information given to infer the rest of the storyline (which I’ve sort of forgotten, reading this in the usual, piecemeal way).

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