The Listener

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One person says that another is driving them nuts.

The first person claims that the second is incompetent, sleeping on the job. A wedge is driven between them with silence and cold shoulders. A simple misunderstanding is enough to spiral them both from their high and mighty perches, plummeting towards disaster. They yell. They cause quite a scene.

The second says they don’t know why they are the one targeted when the first is just as guilty. The first has been controlling and sarcastic. The first has fousted their opinions on everyone else.

The second is more upset about the whispered, two-faced ways that the first loudly claims to never do, while the first is upset over the actions the second claims they have stopped doing.

Surrounded by lies is the truth.

Neither person has control. That lies in the hands of a novice. A peacemaker. The Listener.

It is time for the Listener to present the verdict, to make a change, to douse the flame of fight between the two.

Can Listener find the right words?

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  1. Avatar Cariad Ceffyl

    I like this, it rings true in many a life situation. There are times in all out lives I think when we need “a listener”. Then I think friendships would not be destroyed so easily

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