Don't Lie To Me

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Don’t lie to me,
Not to my face;
To make yourself look better
Your actions speak louder.

Don’t lie to me,
Or speak a half-truth;
That you did what you did
Softer than you really did it.

Don’t lie to me,
Deny that you did wrong;
When others saw it
And I have proof.

Don’t lie to me,
Changing the shadows
Turning new light on the truth
To make yourself shine.

Don’t lie to me,
Naming your pet peeves,
Asking me to change
To suit you.

Don’t lie to me.
This is not about you.
It’s about those we serve.
So do your job.

And stop lying to everyone, even yourself.

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  1. Avatar Cariad Ceffyl

    I hate people lime that

  2. Avatar Imdolien

    I think this should be called the Coworker’s Lament :p

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