Packing up.

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Last night was amazing. The crackling fire and the shine of the stars painted such a beautiful picture across the night sky, and the way the moonlight glistened over the shimmering lake was magical, but what really made this whole trek worth it, was spending it with Him.

As I walked up over the hill from the lake I saw Dan, hands full, with a strained look on his face. “Babe, grab that bag for me, will ya?” “No problem, Hun.” I said as I skipped over and picked it up, Dan and I now making our way back toward the SUV.

Little dust clouds flew as Dan loosened his grip on the rucksack he carried, dropping it next to him, the unbalanced weight of the bags he still held made him tip to his side. In an attempt to catch himself, he stumbled sideways, “Whoaaoaah.” I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched him plop down with a soft thud. “Awe, did poor baby get a boo boo?” I said with a motherly accent. He stuck his tongue out like a jealous 3 year old before standing. “Come on.. Lets just get this stuff put away.”

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    She adores him. :) He is playful and cute.

  2. Avatar Cariad Ceffyl

    This seems vaguely familiar- I may have experienced a very similar situation last summer- I like a story that triggers something that allows you to relate to it’s Characters- nice job

  3. Avatar DjDashy (LoA)

    Thank you! I’m happy that others appreciate my stories and can relate to them in some sort of way. I do enjoy writing them, and having the opportunity to collaborate with Miss Elsha in my opinion has made them that much better. It’s always a good thing to get others involved because they can bring a whole new perspective to what your writing, Something that you otherwise would have never even thought of. I’ve scoured forum after forum and site after site, none of which have been able to give me the type of opportunities I have experienced here on Ficly. I have officially converted! Ficly is my home away from home, and I do believe that I have earned the right, as an author here to officially, and genuinely say, “Read, Reply, Ficly, or Die!!!” :-)

  4. Avatar DjDashy (LoA)


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  6. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    DjDashy, you are now part of the LoA, because I say so. League of Awesomeness welcomes the Dashing DJ! Read, Reply, Ficly, or Die!

  7. Avatar DjDashy (LoA)

    Thank You! It feels great to be part of the family!

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