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The Stars used to look beautiful this time of night. I loved coming out here on my porch step with a hot cocoa to sit and just gaze at the sky, wondrous in all its glory, but it’s gone now. The stars, the Moon and even the Sun have been clouded by the haze from our cities. This smog we created; the thick billowy clouds a byproduct of our factories, has flooded our skies and is strangling our planet, draining it of its precious life. Everywhere around me I see nothing but death. Entire forests are falling, entire biomes are collapsing. The very structure we inhabit and call our home has been brought to its knees begging for mercy, and to whom do we point this blame to? None other than ourselves. We as a Human race have destroyed the very thing we were put here to protect.

Tomorrow, this planet will be a memory. By sunrise, one third of the entire population will have gathered onto the massive Pendulum Transport Cruisers and be on their way, looking forward into the stars in search for another Earth.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Very graphic, true, and common starting point.
    Of course we humans will take off into space when we finish trashing our planet! What else would our brains decide to do?
    This is a plea to clean up the environment.

  2. Avatar DjDashy (LoA)

    Absolutely! When it comes to our environment and keeping it clean, I am deeply involved. When I see some of the horrible things that we are doing to our ecosystems, not only does it anger me, it saddens my heart. This really compels me to increase the awareness of our negative actions and bad habits. One voice, if only that, makes a big difference.

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