Change of plans.

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The ring he presented me sparkled as it captured the sunlight, setting the diamond aglow almost as if the diamond itself were a piece of the Sun, set into a smooth, white gold band. For a moment I was lost in it’s beauty. “Dan, I don’t know what to say.” In a silvery voice, Dan responded “Just say yes.”

“Yes!” I exclaimed as my face lit up. A sigh of joy escaped Dan’s lips as they were stretched, with a smile from ear to ear. He removed the ring from it’s velvety box and placed it on my finger. It was a perfect fit.

I embraced him, jumping into his arms with my hands around his shoulders. The feeling of it all was so surreal. Here I was, tired, sweaty and dressed in tattered clothing in the middle of nowhere, clinging to my hero who had just swept me off my feet.

As crazy as it sounded, I didn’t want this trip to end. I wanted to go back to our camp, back to a warm fire and a star filled sky. I climbed out of Dan’s arms and took his hand, skipping back in the direction we had came.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Two things:
    1. I never said her clothes were ‘tattered’, just filthy. :P
    2. She WANTS to go back.. then they skip back? When did he sign up for that? While men have a one-track mind, he wanted to go to the city and get the SUV taken care of. I never pictured him as a hippie-type, just throw it all to the wind and frolic.

    Otherwise.. this is cheery and sweet, and I can’t wait to rip it apart. heh

  2. Avatar DjDashy (LoA)

    First of all, obviously you missed the part where they were savagely mauled by teenage werewolves! Lmao. Or maybe that just happened in my head. Idk. The point is, you never said that their clothes were NOT “tattered” either. :P
    Secondly, Kelly is the one doing all the “Skipping” while Dan is now just being dragged along for the ride. He has no idea (yet) why Kelly has all the sudden decided to go back. In his mind he was still prepared for the long walk ahead of them. Maybe she wants to extend their stay a while longer. Maybe nature has grown on her and she has suddenly transformed from having such small, obtuse mind, to a woman with a mind full of adventure and spirit. :P

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