Ark of the Covenant II

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The great boring machine ground to a halt. Seismic sonars detected a vast cavern beyond the mantle. Father Kris examined the readings, slowly passing his rosary through his holy fingers.

Twenty years ago evidence that hell existed became known to the world. A volcano’s lava glittered of silver colored bubbles; liquid souls. The mercurial spheres boiled out in pain, pleading for Holy release.

Bubbles shot so far up and outward, they landed in nearby cities; screams raining down onto crowded streets. The vast populations of the world, faced with knowing they were living on a planet whose belly vomited up Satanic bile, demanded purification.

Father Kris and his army of Pastoral Knights prepared themselves for their greatest battle of all, The War of Absolution. Taking hold of his bible, his crucifix and his rosary of Pope-bone, cinched his protective vestments and gave the order to his one hundred and forty-four thousand strong Divine Military to punch through the last mile and face the birthplace of evil.

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  1. Avatar Drake West

    This is great stuff, merging theology with geology…