Conflict: Judgement

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Despite being on the wrong end of Uncle Askya’s displeasure many times, I rarely saw the man show much more than a mild scorn. So I stepped back involuntarily when he switched from sarcasm and sneering contempt to full-on rage. The quiet kind.

“You will, young Internal, or I will personally take it upon myself to make the years ahead a living hell. Issues of responsibility aside, Kasker-san is highly capable. He is going with you, or you will not be leaving at all.”

I blinked twice and almost missed my cue to bow respectfully when he turned, ever so slightly, in my direction – daring me to utter the slightest negative.

“It is, of course, an honour to be of service.”

He nodded and motioned to the provosts. They formed up and exited with Uncle Askya, the last one quietly closing the door with a tidy flick of his shield.

We were left alone in the antechamber.

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Conflict: Beneath Appearances by HSAR