Conflict: Forged in Fire

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My finely tuned senses picked up her throwing something long and thin with magical assistance, and my off-hand caught a length of varnished bamboo – a training implement. She dipped a chin at me.

“If we’re going to work together, I need to know a bit more about how you fight than that little show of swordsmanship out there. I know you’re a more powerful mage than you showed, so let me see some of it.”

I threw the stick aside and drew the gleaming, curved edge of my weapon.

“This isn’t the training grounds any more, Odessa-san.”

She gave me a grin and drew hers too.

The pampered lords in their castles and keeps love fast moves and flamboyant displays of elemental power, but I didn’t hold for that sort of thing. Distraction and diversion had its place, but I didn’t favour that style.

Real fighting was more like fine calligraphy; preparation and study, and then a swift and decisive execution of an elegant plan.

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