oh Sleep, Where Art Thou Once Again

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It’s four am I cannot sleep
I cannot think, I cannot weep
There is no heaviness in my lids
No sleepy sand, which to get rid

I sit here wanting, needing sleep
But where oh where are those damned sheep
I do belieive the wolves have come
and gobble up,yet every One

So now I lay me down to sleep
I am so tired, there are no sheep
Now I must, I trust, I can
Find a substitute — Maybe the fan?

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  1. Avatar inky blue

    Hullo! Before I say how much I love your sleepless poem, a couple of notes.
    1) The last line of the first stanza is clunky. I get that you want it to rhyme but you shouldn’t alter the structure of a sentence to fit a rhyme scheme.
    2) You have a random capitalisation of “Now” in the first line of the third stanza. Initially I thought it would be cool if that random capitalisation continued towards the end, mimicking restlessness, but since there’s only one it seems a little off.

    Your sleepless poems are sooooo relateable. They’re gorgeous. And I can see the continuation from the previous poem. Counting sheep. Counting sheep :)

  2. Avatar Cariad Ceffyl

    Thanks Inky. I corrected the capitalization error. As for the lst line of the first stanza. It flows in my mind the way I read it and it worked for me. It’s not ideal but I am ok with it ;) Glad you enjoy my sleepless work. I am sure there will be more

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