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Adrenaline pumped through Ki’s limbs, propelling her faster between the trees. Headlights dimly lit the train tracks to her left as trucks bounced along, outside the forest’s domain. She didn’t look back to find out how far back they were, or how many. Just kept running.

Just in time she reached the train station. The train chugged away, whistle blowing loudly. It picked up speed and Ki ran until she reached the first car. She broke from the trees, reached for the handle, and swung herself up onto the flat bed of the car, catching the tall canister before it could fall and jar its explosive contents. She righted it and sank down next to it panting. Others of its kind surrounded her like a guard.

Had they seen her?

Either they had or were good at guessing. several pickups pulled up on either side. Ki patted the platform beneath her, silently urging the train onward, faster.

Flashlights shone at her. She squeezed her eyes shut like a child playing peek-a-boo, hiding behind her eyelids to remain invisible.

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  1. Avatar ...Still BARomero

    A lot of tension here, well-crafted. I love the last line, as it reminds me of a ficlet I wrote a lifetime ago…

  2. Avatar nuclearsubmarine

    Very exciting, i enjoyed reading it. I had to slow down to understand what was going on with the explosive canisters, but then i got it.
    I like how it seems almost completely hopeless at the end, but then there is a sequel :)

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