Grand Cable Highway

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Ravenwood is shaped like a wheel. Not for beauty, but necessity. There are no roads in Ravenwood, only hard-packed paths with permafrost gutters.

At the center of the wheel is The Hub. The Hub is a giant stone, about four feet high and fifty feet across. Anchored deep into the stone are turnbuckles, holding taunt thick cables that spread outward like spokes into the shadowy-blind cold.

Every resident is within a few steps of one. They attach their carabiner and slide down the icy path towards the hub. Clanging in the North-by-North winds are large rings that hang unused on the ends of each cable.

Once they reach the hub, they search the cable address and attach onto the one they need a clip onto a vacant ring, sliding off towards their destination.

Fumbling around in the dark for a cable’s ring, a pregnant Rhema latches onto the doctor’s line. She manages to pull herself out into the dark, the wind buffeting her from all sides.

Camouflaged in snow, a creature licks hungry as Rhema falls off her sled.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    A creature is inside? or looking down?

  2. Avatar Reaver19

    Interesting sir. Do you plan on a follow up?