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Covered in mud,
gleaming bright light from underneath,
the creature existed without
the slightest aid.

No mother to nurse from,
no caregiver to hold
when the frightening bolts
shot across an amber-colored,
gray specky sky.

He was still lonely,
left drifting.
To think for himself,
or to drink from the watering hole
or to kill a prey for his next meal…

His instincts failed him
and, like a blanket,
he turned down his hopes of companionship.
Lying to himself, lying down,
he secretly hoped to never wake up

if it wasn’t for a mate.

But he had no secrets to keep from anyone
in his little cave just passed the mountain.

Humbly, he dreamed of a friend.
A girl, slender and bright(like him)
She would be clean
and would wipe away the grime and dirt from his tired,
lonely face,
to reveal handsome and symmetrical features (like her’s).
Dark hairs would tangle into each others’
and blue eyes would reflect back into the others’.

And the feeling of skin on skin would
make him shiver,
into a new being,
a new feeling.

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