Swinging Punches (Pt. 1)

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“You’re fucking crazy!” she stammered back wiping the blood now flowing freely from her face. The bitch threw her arm back again, ready to reel forward again to hit Red in the face again. The dog-faced lump screwed up her face, aggression and defense making her lips pull back so that she could bar her teeth.
“I’m fucking crazy?!”
Red found her balance and looked up just in time to dodge the next punch thrown. She fell to the ground and lifted her arms to protect her face. The parking lot asphalt was warm even though the light had fallen off the edge of the world only a few hours ago. Red shouted,
“Somebody help me!” She frantically and quickly scanned the area to see where her purse had ended up during all this—her cell phone. If she could only get to her cell phone. Danny would come save her from this mess.
She was afraid to call the police. As all of this ran through her head, she watched the “woman” back away and angrily start toward a large vehicle on the other side of the parking lot.

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