Maxwell's Silver Bullet (9)

Avatar Author: Miz Em I have very little in the way of a writing education. I know nothing about poetry for instance, and my attempts are probably not in accordance with what a real poet would expect. But it makes me happy to put words toget... Read Bio

While donning khaki slacks and a navy blue Maxwell’s Silver Bullet tee shirt, I caught the scent of coffee. Mom had left half a pot for me – hallelujah! I poured a mug, wandered into my office and switched on the computer. As I waited for it to boot up, I glanced through the mail Mom had left on my desk.

“Bill. Bill. Overdue bill.” I tossed the envelopes aside. “Aha! Here it is.” I paused over a postcard from my vacationing admin assistant. The photo on the front captured a huge glacier against a cerulean sky, a cruise ship in the foreground.

“Alison, Alison, Alison – where are your priorities?" I tsked. "You could have done the Caribbean cruise; what on earth possessed you to go to Alaska?” I flipped the card to read her short note:

“You know I hate being hot Charlie. And we’ve always wanted to see Alaska, so drop it. Having a wonderful time! Glad you’re not here.”

She’d added a hand-drawn smiley face and I found myself laughing. Alison knew me very, very well.

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