Darkest Sunshine

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One sunny and clear day I made my decision. I cannot recall the date, but it was a Saturday. Jonah was begging me to go outside, I was nasty to him as usual. “Jonah, just be quiet for ONCE!”

“Okay Daddy, sorry.” He whimpered back from down the hall. I don’t remember too many more details, but it was like every weekend had become with her. I do recall her body shifting under the covers of our desolate bed.

She had heard Jonah too, but she never responded to him when I was around. That was how it had become -

The Stalemate continues.

Our lives had become a never ending investigation of each other’s worst behavior. The only conversation was to interrogate the other as to why they had acted so obnoxiously. Jonah burst into our room, he smiled and stared at each side of the bed – Mommy or Daddy?

Daddy. He cuddled up to me. She did not care.

The pathetic bent slats of our bedroom window blinds could not contain the beautiful sunshine outside. I decided to go out there with Jonah and never look back.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Sad to see a mother drown in such depression. Choosing sunshine is always better. The couple depicted here have a marriage in tatters. Poor Jonah seems too young to see anything but which parent will respond and give him what he needs. It is so sad! Despite his decision and the happiness it gives him, this piece is focused on the drama between himself and his wife. It dims the sunshine like the blinds.