The Coward

Avatar Author: Cariad Ceffyl Lover of Poetry, Prose, Fantasy, Nature, Spring and all things Celtic. A died in the wool hopelessly hopeless Romantic, on a journey of sorts. I write fiction although, occasionally loosely, Very loosely, influence by li... Read Bio

The coward runs so far away
Yet never really leaving
He rants and raves and calls her names
The proof he is still grieving

Denial comes in many forms
For him it’s in his anger
So hot and vile and down right cruel
This person is a stranger

The coward hides behind his works
Blaming others for his shame
He only thinks about himself
Placing on her all the blame

Denying there is no responsibility
To end it with no strife
Acting though it never happened
Won’t make for a peaceful life

The coward runs far far away
But only in his mind
Until he faces cold hard fact
His Heart will be entwined

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