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Seein’ a lot of red bottoms. Yo,
I’m closer to deciding who I am.
I said I’d give it a year.
Make sure this ain’t some ‘phase’
Like the folks at church say it is.
But I’m all growed up now,
(still not sure when that happened,
I sure don’t feel no different),
Can’t go back now.
And my parents still sleep next door
While I watch young ladies fuck.
Knickers round their ankles.
Hey, let me kiss your neck and
Maybe one day this’ll be artwork.
Saving pictures for something special.

Got a tongue full of rum and an earful
Of something else. Hey, hey,
You know we’re not like them, baby?
You know we’ll grow up different, right?
But you’re so close to thirty now and,
I’m not always sure who I’m seeing in my head.
I’m not always sure who I’m seeing in my bed.
I think you’re in there somewhere:

I’ve never written about this before. It’s a problem, you know? It’s the
Stained handkerchiefs I won’t peg out in public –
Because you know the damn neighbours will comment on the blood.
Ssh. It’s just strawberry jam.

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  1. Avatar Tad Winslow

    You’re back! The risks you take— that is one of your strengths. You have the courage to go there with humility and confidence and share some truth and laugh about it. That is not easy at all! I’m as impressed with what you’re willing to write as well as how you write it, Abbey. It’s great to see you around. Thank you for being so good to me.

  2. Avatar Tad Winslow

    No e in Abby, my b :)

  3. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Thank you!!!!! I hesitated a little before posting this one but it made me laugh when I read it through so i thought what the hell lol. I’ve given up trying to control the topics I write about. Just gotta go where my mind takes me. It’s really nice to be back even though there doesn’t seem to be many people about.

  4. Avatar Reaver19

    Helllllooo Abby! Boy have I missed your writing. You were one of the first to give feedback and comment on my stuff and I’ve always felt a connection with you. I hope you have been in a good place.

    Welcome back and I truly loved this piece!

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