Rising Fires

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“Relax, Ed! I just thought they were yours,” Scud smiled down at Edgar.

He was a foot taller than Edgar, which made sense because Scud was two years older, even though they were in the same grade. Which was fine with him. Scud was making good bucks selling pilfered smokes outside the football field, so he was in no real hurry to leave school.

“Why would you think that?” Edgar asked.

“Your name’s all over it. See?” Scud opened the pamphlet and pointed to the letters E-D. “Although I didn’t know you had a problem getting it up?”

Edgar’s face instantly became vermillion. Scud seized the opportunity.

“Ed can’t get it up! Ed can’t get it up!” Scud began to chant.

Soon the other boys joined in the chant.


The fire rose.

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