Airships: Frail Deeds, Frail Men

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Elletra gulped at the red that slowly spread down Hawkeye’s jacket. It merged perfectly with red edging; Elletra forced a deep breath and took a closer look.

The sword had sliced cleanly through the rough leather surface, the cut striking one of the thin steel bands that formed a segmented backing to the jacket. The cut went through the band and into the waistcoat beneath, where there was a cut that went through the thickly-woven fabric.

He hissed when she ran her hands over it, struggling to remain calm while she found the edges. It was long, but shallow. She nearly collapsed with relief, and dimly wondered at how ridiculous this was.

He smiled at her relief, sitting up and making the same check himself.

“My sister did say it would save my life some day. She -”

And that was all he had a chance to say, because then she hugged him so hard even his uninjured ribs creaked.

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