The Fall of the Strange and Wonderful House

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And so it was over: all the artifacts had been auctioned off, the ghosts had all found other places to haunt, the alchemists had moved their Great Work elsewhere, and the only two people were left. One was a dragon and the other was Jenny Everywhere.

“It’s strange,” said Jenny, “I haven’t been to this House in ages and I’ll still miss it.”

Then a bolt of lightning shot down from the lead-colored sky and struck the House. A blue flame roared up and consumed the House’s vast bulk. In a moment it was a ruin, its remains crumbling into the Tarn.

“So it goes,” said the dragon after a long silence. “All things must have their time. I trust you have taken everything you need?”

“Yeah. Just came back for one last thing.” With a flourish of her hand and a wide grin, Jenny revealed a tiny House the size of a Christmas ornament. “It’s a House seed. I’m sure I’ll find some use for it.” She tucked it into her capacious pocket.

And so they walked off elsewhere, leaving behind the silent shore of the Tarn.

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  1. Avatar Garsecg

    I haven’t been involved in this site in a while—lots of other projects and things going on in my life—but I still had to stop by to mark its passing for a bit.

  2. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    This is exactly what I needed to read. This promises many things. Thank you

  3. Avatar HSAR

    I love this little tidbit of closure. Thanks to you.

    Never stop writing!

  4. Avatar ethelthefrog

    Beautiful. Closure, yet with a hint of how for the future.