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A very strange man whose strangeness is only partially due to Asperger’s Syndrome. He is an English major and now a grad student, in case you couldn’t tell, fighting a constant struggle to set aside some little time for writing.


  1. The Fall of the Strange and Wonderful House

    And so it was over: all the artifacts had been auctioned off, the ghosts had all found other places to haunt, the alchemists had moved their Great Work elsewhere, and the only two people were left. One was a dragon and the other was Jenny Everywhere. &...

  2. Facing the Dragon

    He could hear the breathing of the dragon echo through the cave like a thunderstorm. He gripped the sword tighter, feeling the sweat cover his hands beneath his gauntlets. Today he would finally win the highest honor of a knight. “Oh, hi. I’...

  3. Secret Identity Blues

    “I just used my control over interdimensional vibrations to disrupt Dr. Malevolo’s cosmic tuning fork.” said Jenny Everywhere, defender of all that is good and just. “Sounds good to me,” said the Sea-Queen. “But wait...

  4. Memento Mori

    “It’s too late,” said Death. “No it isn’t,” answered Jenny.

  5. The Oubliette: Solution

    She closed her eyes and hummed some sort of tune, while swiftly making elaborate gestures with her hands. A piercing outline of light appeared on the dark wall in the shape of a door. The darkness within that outline dissolved away. “How did you ...

  6. Alone in the Wasteland

    As a child she used to look out the window late at night and watch the stars, imagining herself among them. When she’d grown up she’d found a proper job (as a mining engineer) and become boring (apart from a brief and disastrous stint in a ...

  7. The Grey Stone

    She walked alone into the dim cave. It was filled with a crowd of people standing statue-still, looks of blank apathy frozen on their faces. An immense grey stone that seemed heavier than the world squatted in the heart of the room. Each step into the ...

  8. The Oubliette

    The Oubliette closed in around them, plunging the room into pitch darkness. As soon as the guards were gone, Jenny took the lighter from her pocket and turned it on. In the dim light Laura could see them reflected off the obsidian walls. “OK, we&...

  9. Writer's Block, Redux, Again

    “Jenny, tell me a story.” “Why are you asking me? You’re the writer.” “Well, you’re the Jenny Everywhere. You know what you’ve actually been through.” “You always leave out all the interesting...

  10. Nowhere

    It was too late. However fast he ran, he couldn’t escape her. He heard her footsteps behind him, coming closer every second, swift but methodical. She grabbed his arm with a grip hard as steel and he felt his legs collapse under him as he hit the...

  11. The First Voyage

    Laura was sitting alone in the bathroom, wishing desperately the party would end and she could go home. Where was Jenny? Probably talking someone’s ear off about physics. They’d have to find a designated driver, because there was no way she...

  12. The Maids

    The aged, dried-up Maid, looked at Jenny with a gaze no less piercing for her many years. “Do you wish to join our number?” Jenny gave her most charming smile, which had little effect. “Sure!” “Your reputation has preceded...

  13. The Ruin'd Tower

    The book was called “The Ruin’d Tower” by C.T. Merritt. It was the only book in this section I’d never heard of. I was tempted to look it up on my phone, but was filled with longing to touch the book itself. Carefully, reverentl...

  14. Showdown in the End Times

    The octopus-headed man looked at her with its large, inky black pupil-less eyes. It held a gun in every single one of its tentacles. “Do you truly think you can defeat me, mortal?” Jenny Everywhere smiled. “Absolutely.” She cock...

  15. Abandoned

    I don’t know how long I’ve been here. Can’t have been more than a day, but it feels a lot longer. See, there were seven of us. We got together to open the Door. I didn’t believe a word of it, but I was curious, so I came along. ...

  16. To the Silent City

    She walked alone through the shadows of the forest, listening carefully to the speech of the birds and the trees. She was armed with a bow and arrow and the wisdom she had learned from her mother, from her first love now long dead, and from the animals...

  17. The Empty World

    My world has never been an easy place to live in. Millions die every year from the alien invasions, the giant monsters, the never-ending battles between superheroes and supervillains. The near-constant warfare has wrecked the economy. But I am not afra...

  18. The Death of H.P. Lovecraft

    Until this moment I never believed that there was any shadow of reality behind the mythology I created for my work. Letter writers inquiring about the history of the Necronomicon are inevitably disappointed to find that I invented it entirely out of my...

  19. The Indecisive Villain

    In the Pit of Oblivion, the Chancellor said to the Underlord: “The Gray Invocation of the Spirit of Annihilation is all but ready. We only need gather some dragon bones, and…” “No, no, wait,” said the Underlord. “I h...

  20. Night Thoughts

    He caught a glimpse of the face he wore in the antique mirror. It was the face of the man she loved in the world she lived in when she was awake. He didn’t know how a woman so radiant and beautiful could love someone as unremarkable as this, but ...

  21. ...Or Forever Hold your Peace

    I should have stopped at least one beer ago. But I barely knew anyone here except her, and I was miserable, so I had a drink to get over the misery, which made me more miserable, so I had another drink. And so on. I was about to leave when I saw her st...

  22. The Secret from the Stars

    Abruptly, the burning sphere came to a halt. Its light began to fade and it slowly descended into the woods. It was not a rough, unformed hunk of rock like the meteors I had studied before but a sphere made of dark red stone with patterns engraved on i...

  23. The Pilgrimage

    The young man traced the last of the pattern on the alley wall with chalk as the old man watched. “Are you sure you want to do this? No one from this world has taken the path to the Chapel Perilous and returned since the time of Merlin.” “Well, t...

  24. Requiem for the Light

    The door was made of ruby and carved with patterns she recognized but could not remember why. A bright light shone through from the other side and she heard a distant music. It was as her own Song, a song she had forgotten for countless years. It made ...

  25. Interruptions

    The young-seeming man sat down in his cramped room in the southwest attic. The whole room was crammed with books. They were his Hoard, the source of his power. On the desk was a griffin-quill pen and the book he had set about making. He had come to a c...

  26. The Painting

    It is the most famous work of art in the Gallery: a painting of a woman dressed in blue standing by the seashore, staring into the distance as the sun rises or perhaps sets. Its beauty makes even the marvels of the House seem drab beside it. It seems m...

  27. The Ballroom

    Once every month, a silent man in a crimson cloak walks the hallways of the House, delivering invitations to the Ball. He brings it to those of all classes and groups: rich and poor, natives and visitors, human and otherwise. If you are invited, you ma...

  28. The Seven Against Oblivion

    “They said I was the world’s greatest hero. I had no idea how little that meant until I left my world behind. We came together from countless worlds to fight it. But we lost and everything was torn apart. Somehow I survived and wound up her...

  29. The First Step

    “But how are we supposed to find a pirate?” asked Mandy. “You can’t just go out and get one.” “Hrm.” Montresor bent over Chris and sniffed. “You smell of magic. Come here.” He gripped Chris with his...

  30. Montresor

    The fumes of the wine made Chris dizzy. He was no longer a bookish child but a bold and bloodthirsty pirate, sailing the ocean and cutting down his foes with a cutlass. It was thrilling and horrible at the same time.. “What are you doing!” ...

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