Airships: Cessation

Avatar Author: Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA) I am the Guardian of the Ink Wells and Head Flight Attendant of Our Strange and Wonderful House. Read Bio

“This syringe is full of Night Terror. A highly concentrated hybrid dose of Nightmare. When injected in the bloodstream it triggers a flood of adrenaline while simultaneously forcing the brain to go into a dream state. She’d die in ten minutes, screaming.” The Earl stayed poised to strike.

Hawkeye kept the revolver trained on the Earl, “Unhand her.”

The Earl laughed, “Move aside, Ilse-Lorenz.”

Elletra could feel her pulse pounding in her ears but she still noticed the sudden groan above. Her eyes shot to Hawkeye who was already looking at her. He slowly circled out of the way, the Earl made his way to the door with languid steps.

Elletra heard the unmistakable shriek of unhinging metal and, smashing her head back against the Earl’s nose, dove to the right as a beam came crashing down. Elletra held in a scream as her foot ignited in pain. Hawkeye heaved the beam up just enough for her to wiggle her foot out before he dropped it again with a sickening thud and she realized it wasn’t landing on the floor.

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Elletra barely registered the maelstrom of noise coming from below while the Earl stared at her. Her eyes screamed ultimatum but the Earl see...

Airships: Bargaining Chip by Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)