The Death and Afterlife of Steven Dunn

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A smile played on the man’s face as he walked up to the large gates. It was only as he got nearer he noticed their state of disrepair. He tried to force the gates open but only succeeded in shaking a lot of dust loose and making a lot of noise, he heard a cry from his right and looked over to see he’d startled an old man.

“Sorry, just closed my eyes for a second, I’m St Peter, you must be Steven Dunn? We’ve been waiting for you.”

“Wow, St Peter? This is amazing, although I expected-”

“-More people?” Peter said, interrupting him. “You’re the first person to make it in for about 2000 years!”

Steven looked quite pleased with himself and the smile returned to his face . “Hang on a second.” He began, suddenly looking doubtful. “I wasn’t that good, I can’t be the only one?”

“Well deduced.” Said a deep voice from behind him, Steven turned to come face to face with a monstrous being . “Just a little trick I like to play on the new people, had you going for a second though? Come one, lets get you to Hell.”

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