A clockwork OZ

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So there I was, your humble narrator, with his smashed up house lying on some old bag with some real nice ruby slippers. I figured I could cop them and have a nice evening at the milk bar.

But, no all these little people have to run over and ask, am I a good witch or a bad witch. Not that I wouldn’t mind giving a few of the midget madams some of the old in and out, but I was needing to get with me dreugs for some mad capers later.

I was just about to unleash some of the old Ultra-Violence when some floating femme told me to “follow the yellow brick road.”

That was all fine and well but then the little people start singing and all, it wasn’t bad but I really could have used some of the old Ludwig Van.

So now your humble narrator is off to see the Wizard so I’ll either be sent home or he’ll be in for a little of the old Ultra-Violence, that will give him a horse of a different color.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Funny idea, switching protagonists from very disparate movies. I know you were writing in character voice, but the run-ons were still destracting. Besides, if I remember right, the character did pride himself on the trappings of refinement, including proper grammar.

  2. Avatar George Peterson

    Really like the combinations here. A good use of Clockwork Orange dialogue with great hints of OZ

  3. Avatar halfpenny

    A clever combination here, although I think it would benefit from a bit of linguistic editing. I agree with THX’s comment on the run-ons, and you could cut a couple of the uses of “the old…” Overall, the tone of the Clockwork Orange language gets across pretty well.

  4. Avatar Alexa Reed (LoA)

    Not really being a fan of The Wizard of Oz myself, I’d kind of like to hear more about this Ultra-Violence of which you speak.

  5. Avatar Darrell B Nelson

    I’ll have to watch the movie again, but I do remember Alex using “the old…” quite a bit. And he did tend to run on in his sentences.
    I also spent way to long in my proof reading debating the spelling of Dreugs, Drooges, Drewgs, Drouges ect. So proof reading the grammar suffered.