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I am a semi-professional writer, my writings have appeared in Ray Gun Revival, Distant Worlds, and Alienskin Magazines.
I mostly write Science Fiction but I dabble in horror and and other stuff.
With the short-short challenge of this site, who knows what I will come up with.


  1. The Simple Case

    This Fall on Fox. Real Crime, Real Investigations, Real Idiots. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie tackle the cold cases that the police have given up on. Watch as they go through 20-year-old clues to try and solve cases that have baffled the foremost expe...

  2. Final Breaking News. (Mature)

  3. More Breaking News (Mature)

  4. Ad-Hominem Man

    Ad-Hominem Man rushes into the evil laboratory of the sinister Dr Von Wantstodestroytheworld just as the Mad Scientist is about to unleash his Planet Annihilator Beam. “Stop Fiend” Ad-Hominem Man shouts out. “Why?” Dr Von Wantstodestroytheworld...

  5. After being bitten by rabid penguins a showtunes- singing lineba

    After being bitten by rabid penguins a showtunes- singing linebacker learns to see in the dark It will be good for your post-football career, my agent said. Join a musical troupe and showcase your versatility in the off season, he said. How was I suppo...

  6. Breaking News (Mature)

  7. The Circle of Life

    Nobody knew where the Scourge came from, only 2 things were known about it. Mosquitoes carried it and only one out of a million humans were immune to it. In all of North America only 400 people survived. Luckily one of the survivors was Dr Tachayon, th...

  8. The Winter Generation Revolting

    We boarded the Armada as merchants and farmers. We landed on the islands of the super-rich as soldiers. The Sentry-bots were programmed to ward off stay thieves and shot tranquilizers into anyone acting a leader. An effective strategy to rid the island...

  9. A touching love song (Mature)

  10. A clockwork OZ

    So there I was, your humble narrator, with his smashed up house lying on some old bag with some real nice ruby slippers. I figured I could cop them and have a nice evening at the milk bar. But, no all these little people have to run over and ask, am I ...

  11. Giving over to the Dark Side

    “I have done as you asked my lord.” He was on his knees trembling. “I have forever cut my Earthly bonds. “I killed my parents in their sleep and ate their still beating hearts. “I chased down my little sister and when I caught her I threw her...

  12. Response to Form Letter Breakup (Mature)

  13. Call from Another Familiar Stranger

    The phone rings. “Hello?” “Hey Eric, it’s Fred your lawyer.” “OK.” I recognize Fred’s voice as the college kid who I hire to do odd jobs around the house from time to time. He doesn’t do a great job, but he’s cheap. “Eric you have...

  14. A New Dimension in Home Office Design

    “This is what you’ve been working on?” His wife asked. “I was redecorating my Home Office.” “I thought you were just going to throw up some Oak Paneling, not this…” She gestured at his creation. “It’s a tesseract, A 3 Dimensional re...

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