The Photographer Analogy

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A light’s been turned on underneath you, blinding. You’re wearing white in a white room and there’s someone behind the glare. You know ’cause you can hear the camera clicking.

But, it’s OK. The pictures are gonna come out wonderful. This time the photographer knows your good side and can capture bad in the way they can do something wonderful with it.

So you just sit there and smile the way you do when you’re truly happy, even though you’re lost and blind. You know that’s what the other person wants to see,
how exactly you bleed color into the white around you with just yourself.
Being consumed in the lightness of it all, letting yourself be exposed, for the sake of something bigger. It’s the dreamlike falling, except it’s warm and you’re afraid you’ll wake up somewhere else.

When it’s all over you’ll see them, spreading before you through the stars in your eyes.
Bleeding their color into the white around them, smiling the way they do when they’re truly happy.

-What it’s like to say “I love you”

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  1. Avatar Andrew Sheffield

    Before I read the last sentence I thought this was a description of what its like to create art. Well written.

    This story, Like a lot of mine, does not really lend itself to sequels or prequels too well. I suppose that’s one aspect of Ficly that doesn’t always work out.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Avatar Barefoot Contessa

    Thank you :D

  3. Avatar Barefoot Contessa

    A sequel could be another analogy to how you feel when you say “I love you”. This was just one knowing the other person would say it back. What’s one where they don’t?

  4. Avatar The Fantastic Mister Fish

    this is a beautiful analogy. i’m afraid i am a leukophobe, though.

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