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We now bring you a live interview with the city’s latest Super Heroine:

“Villains beware, I Felattio Girl shall hunt you down and punish you with my luscious lips of liberty and talented tongue of truth.
“I will work tirelessly to track down and suck out the evil out of this city. I will face the worst evil that you can erect to stop me, and swallow your evil seed with a smile.
“You have been warned.”

We now go live the streets of our fair city to see the reactions to Felattio Girl’s announcement:

“It is a scene of absolute chaos here, as thousands of men are committing petty crimes in order to face the wrath of Felattio Girl’s punishment.”

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  1. Avatar Darrell B Nelson

    BTW: Felattio Girl was suggested at a Stephen Lynch concert, so it wasn’t a totally original Idea. But with the Superhero Challenge I couldn’t resist using it.

  2. Avatar Nancy


    I’m pretty sure it’s “fellatio” but I could be mistaken.

  3. Avatar Darrell B Nelson

    That’s the problem with using Google as a spell-checker my mind blanked at how to spell it so I typed my bad spelling into google and felattio was its top suggestion.

  4. Avatar Lauren of Cydonia

    Thanks for entering my contest! Well done!

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