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“Hello my name is—Hello my name is—Hello my name—name—name—is—is—is”

Leon sighed heavily, squeezing the intersection of his eyes and nose with his fingers.
“Sir! Unit 37K is malfunctioning again!”

Leon looked up at the young soldier who stood at attention before him.
“I can hear that,” he replied, his tone bass and flat.

The boy, for it was a boy really, army takes ’em so damn young, faltered.
“Uh-yes…of course sir. How would you like me to proceed sir!.”

“Clearly it needs to be fixed, perhaps you should go get an engineer.”
Leon regretted the sarcastic, scathing tone of his voice as soon as he had spoken. It wasn’t the kids fault the army was trying to phase out humans with robotic soldiers, and it definitely wasn’t his fault that the army was so set on accomplishing this before other nations that it was working prototypes in long before they were ready.
“Uh-Yes…the engineer! Yes sir, right away sir!”

Watching the boy go, Leon wondered which was worse, an army of boys, or an army of robots.

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  1. Avatar Ronnie

    One day we’ll hopefully fight wars with armies of rich white men in business suits armed to the teeth with machine guns. Neat little story. “The boy, for it…” line needs a little reworking, it’s a bit awkward at the moment.

  2. Avatar Laine Grey

    I do agree with Ronnie about the slight awkwardness of the line, but I also enjoyed the style in which it was written—it reminded me of Major Major and Colonel Cathcart in Catch-22.

  3. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    good story

  4. Avatar Lillie

    I love what this snippet sheds light on. Right now we may be fighting armies and tyranny, but someday “soon we’ll be fighting for human rights, and against human extermination in the face of intelligent ‘life’ that we created.” My friend said this once and now I know no other way to describe it. Excellent subject PB.

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