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  1. Storytime

    “Grandfather! Grandfather!” From seemingly thin air two freshly scrubbed children appeared, pink and glistening, to swarm about an old man. He snatched the smaller of the two, a boy with a pug nose and orbed eyes, and pulled him onto his lap. “Ye...

  2. .ezaG s'rorriM ehT

    .dekan, rirrom eht erofeb sdnats ehS .spih reh morf dnuor flesreh stsiwt ehS .tfel tsriF .thgir nehT .seiduts ehS .sessessA .segduJ .gnikcal dnuof si ehs seys m’rorrim eht fo noitcelfer eht nI .dewalF .gniliaF .sselhtroW .flesreh dnuor smra reh s...

  3. Seeing the Oracle

    For a moment, when I saw her, I froze. Then looking quickly at my feet, so I couldn’t stare, I mumbled a greeting. “Welcome,” her voice was musical, sweet, haunting. “You have something to inquire about.” I nodded, even t...

  4. Malfunctioning

    “Hello my name is—Hello my name is—Hello my name—name—name—is—is—is” Leon sighed heavily, squeezing the intersection of his eyes and nose with his fingers. “Sir! Unit 37K is malfunctioning aga...

  5. Dear God, From the Martians

    Dear God, Can you please do something about that planet earth next door to us? They are so freaking loud ALL THE TIME. We haven’t been able to get any sleep. It’s just plain rude! They’re old enough to know better, they’ve been ...

  6. Searching for the Ferryman

    Where the mountain side and river meet there’s a fissure in the rock and the river disappears deep into the belly of the earth. It was right by that fissure that he sat atop a stone, a battered tin cup in hand. His bony knees were drawn up to his...

  7. The Girl

    Her lips lock with mine, I wonder how far she’ll go… I awake too soon.

  8. The Troll

    It lived in the alley behind the pizza place, way in the back where the sun can’t reach no matter how hard it stretches. Even Bud won’t go there, no matter how badly he wants to beat you up and take your lunch. That’s why I was there,...

  9. Death

    Life hurts, I just wish I had known death was worse………….

  10. The Last Time

    “You could die you know.” It’s the first thing they always say, when they find out. “Every time you do it, you could die, just like that. You wouldn’t even see it coming. I want to punch them, to smack them so hard I send ...

  11. The Boy

    He beat on the lump of dough. Knead it Momma said. Knead it. Like this. It felt bright beneath his hands. The dough was white. His hands looked dirty. His hands were clean. Momma washed them. His hands looked dirty. The boy next door said he was dirty....

  12. Setting Hearts on Fire

    My mouth still tastes like cherries. Standing under too-bright lights in a gas station store so quiet I can hear them humming, my eyes slowly slide over countless, colorful packages of gum. My hand closes around the few rumpled bills in my pocket. Wast...

  13. Child Lost

    His fingers caress my thigh His lips my cheek I want to cry.

  14. Power Outage

    Perching on the edge of the bathtub, I stare down into the flame of the thick, squat candle until my eyes burn and water. I’m fascinated. Fascinated by the candle. Fascinated by how life in its entirety seems to freeze when there’s no electricit...

  15. Fae

    I stare. Every inch of my body screams at me to look away before she catches me, but it’s as though I’ve been seduced by the siren’s song. She’s so beautiful it’s haunting, and yet there’s something wrong with her. S...

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