After being bitten by rabid penguins a showtunes- singing lineba

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After being bitten by rabid penguins a showtunes- singing linebacker learns to see in the dark

It will be good for your post-football career, my agent said.

Join a musical troupe and showcase your versatility in the off season, he said.

How was I supposed to know his dim-witted nephew, who didn’t know it was night in Antarctica during our summer, ran the musical troupe.

You’ll just have to entertain some scientists that research cute and harmless little penguins, he said.

Harmless my ass they had rabies and killed the entire station, I was the only one to leave alive.

The only good thing about having rabies is the light sensitivity it helps me see in the dark, which is a skill I will need, as I will survive if only so I can fire my agent. Which I will do as soon as I get back to:

Okalahoma, where the wind goes whipping through the plains…

this challenge was easy as the topics went together so easily

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  1. Avatar Katie Kim

    Haha! Thanks for doing my challenge, I enjoyed the creativity of dealing with what the plot machine gave you :)

  2. Avatar Darrell B Nelson

    Like I said that one was easy, penguins, showtune-singing linebackers and being able to see in the dark all flow together nicely. I had to skip:
    While sketching an alter ego, King Tut’s breakdancing mummy finds a hope chest filled with spiders

  3. Avatar Darrell B Nelson

    Flipping through the plots I now know were most of the plots for the Sci-Fi channels movies come from.

  4. Avatar Marli

    Great way to do the scenario. I especially liked the song title you linked with it..goes well in context.

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