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Jon ran through the streets, and turned into the alley, smiling. Only two feet of clearance, only ten feet in length.

He emerged in a different part of town, a part of town where the buildings were falling apart and nothing being built was ever fully complete. “Hey!” he heard behind him. “Stop!”

Leaping into the air, he sped off again, his shoes sliding a bit on the dusty asphalt, his black hair thrown back in the wind. Jon laughed, sprinting as fast as he could. He ran towards the bridge, and threw a glance over his shoulder. Then Jon realized that only one person was left, the one that would be the easiest to drop.

Under the bridge, Jon stopped, hiding behind a beam. The boy ran towards him, and right past, never even seeing Jon. “Ahem,” Jon said loudly.

The boy spun around on his heels, hesitating for a moment. Jon turned around back where he’d just left. It was all a game of tag.

A pretty deadly game of tag, but a game of tag nonetheless.

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