Perfect Justice

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The President stepped up to the podium set up in the Rose Garden. “Good afternoon.

“In the month since the tragic death of Justice Dobrev, a great deal of speculation has surrounded who I would nominate to replace her. Would I pick the easy way and nominate someone who could easily win confirmation? Or would I try to put my mark on history by making an unconventional nomination? Well, the speculation is now over; I’m going with an unconventional choice.

“My nominee for Associate Justices of the Supreme Court is LawBot KX-117. All of our nation’s laws and legal judgments have been uploaded to KX-117’s memory, so we can safely say that no human knows more law than it. Plus, every human – whether they admit it or not – is biased in some way, but KX-117 offers complete impartiality.

“Unparalleled knowledge of the law and impartiality made this an easy choice, and I expect the American people and the Senate to agree.”

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  1. Avatar Abstract

    ! Interesting! I’d like to see more of this…would such an appointment be Constitutional?

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    well, it wouldn’t be swayed by odd wording, political alliances, or human feelings… but I’m not sure it would work out so well.

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