A Last Phone Call

Avatar Author: J. Rein B. Was an extremely eccentric 16 year old from the good ol' Philippines. I'm now 18, and I still like science fiction, ambigrams, and other stuff. Read Bio

Sitting on the bed, the man was contemplating on life. He was contemplating everything: his past, his mistakes, the gun in his hand.

Most importantly, however, he was contemplating a future without her.
Hell, things could still change for the better, he thought desperately, slowly picking up the telephone by his side. She wasn’t answering her cellphone.

He dialed her home number.
“Hello?”, the other line spoke. He inhaled, then said what he had to say.
“Sarah, I’m sorry. I can still change. For the better. Please. Take me back.”
“I’m sorry…” she replied. His heart thumping, he heard a voice in the background interrupt her.
Honey, who’s that?
It was a man’s voice.
He hung up.

Heartbroken, he realized that there was no hope left.
He gripped his gun, and contemplated more about his life.
And how he was going to end it.

“Who was that honey?”, Max asked, entering the kitchen. The kids were outside, getting hungry, so he came in to get some shakes.
" I dunno. Wrong number, I think," Beth replied.

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  1. Avatar J. Rein B.

    Moral lesson: always bring a directory when deciding a call means life or death.

  2. Avatar SweetSummerBlizzard

    tsk. that was sad.

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