The Begining of the Decent

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I stared at our entwined fingers, working to keep my breathing normal. I hadn’t felt the comfort of holding someone’s hand in a while. It had never really held any meaning for me before now. Now I knew Nathaniel would always be there to keep me standing and keep me strong.

I thought back to Skylar, my last boyfriend back home. He and I had been dating for a little over a year when I broke it off. Every one said we were the perfect couple and told us we looked adorable together. I knew it was true, and I really did love him. He didn’t do anything wrong, and was very hurt and confused when I ended things. This happened just after my parents’ fighting got worse. Mother had started taking her frustration out on me behind Dad’s back. I also started referring to her as mother instead of mom around the same time I broke up with Skylar. I was too scared of his rejection to tell him the truth.

I clutched Nathaniel’s hand tighter as the thoughts of my mother’s twisted reason for bringing me with her came to mind.

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  1. Avatar Brebelles {LoA}

    So Sad!

  2. Avatar Moonlightgirl

    yea she is sick shes using drinking and beating as her outlet for making herself feel better