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I’m Band Baby, and I am one of the original Ficleteers =D Or a Ficlets Survivor or what ever you would like to call me =) I’m also part of the LoA, where I am known as the Sweet Darlin’ of Awesomeness. Please comment and critique. I’m here to grow as a writer, and that is what I intend to do.

I also have met a great many friends through Ficlets and I hope Ficly can live up to and surpass all of Ficlet’s former glory. =)

Note me if you want to do a series or anything =)

Series and Stuff =)
(New) Road Trip Series
With Mr. Gabriel


  1. Zombies

    When the dead rise in movies they’re hideous When the dead rise in real life, it is worse Moaning and groans can be heard as they crawl from wherever their body last lay. Looking for something, anything Help to rest, maybe food, something Travelers b...

  2. New

    I see how much I’ve grown I look at things differently A new image looks back at me Every time I catch a glimpse Finally I am happy I know who I am I can go out on my own I will do what I need to do No longer am I dependant No longer do I need yo...

  3. Reborn

    There, in the spot you least expect it, you see Hope. He becons to you again. This time, there is no hesitation. You run to hope and grab on tight. You are determined to shake the trio. There is no shame in needing help to get rid of the trio. They are...

  4. Living with the Trio

    You step off to the right. Darkness, Nothing, and Desperation yell blood curdling screams. They want you to come back to them, they tell you that you will. This new being, Hope, becons you closer, but with a simpler and gentler manner. You follow Hope....

  5. Clutches of Dispare

    Darkness surrounds you, envelopes you, craddles you. Every way you turn you find Nothing; large and powerful and strong. Nothing and Darkness are your constant companions. These two help you through. Darkness hides you as nothing protects you. In Darkn...

  6. Who I Am

    Frilly dresses Stuffed animals Bright pinks and purples A little girl at heart Giggly and shy Innocent and naïve Honest and warm True through and through Loyal to friends There by your side A gentle soul Caring for all who I can Smarts I constantly de...

  7. A Full Life's Plan

    I try to have a plan To know what I will do and when When I figure out the “what” I will know the “how” And once I have set my plan It is hard to get me off I don’t like not being on track It brings up uncontrollable doubt I worry and I fret ...

  8. On the Courts

    Silence all around the court The only sound comes from players facing off One-on-one or two-on-two Strategy is far from abused Down-the-line, up-the-alley Countering each counter strike A seldom groan or moan or grunt Praying each swing is better than ...

  9. A Little Girl's Passion

    A passion started as a little girl With a sentence here or a story there Growing stronger after every word More confident, more in-tune The critiques of others pushing harder Propelling forward every day On and on her words did flow Weaving stories, pi...

  10. Creek of Tears

    It was harder than I thought Getting across this Creek of Tears I tried to swim across, but The current spit me out I tried to float across, but Was met with a face full of water I tried to jump across, but Came up short and plunged in Only to be washe...

  11. Nights are the Worst

    The day brings light It brings rational and optimisim There are colors and hopes and dreams The night brings dark It brings doubt and uncertainty There is nothing and emptyness and despair The day is quick The night is slow The day is bustling The nigh...

  12. Head Above Water

    These days pass by in blurs One after another after another Until they are all just one long Day that never ends and never starts I feel like I’m spinning in circles until I finally find which way is forward, but then Then spinning starts again a...

  13. Just Trying To Make Sense

    Sometimes I just can’t stand it To be all alone and forgotten Sometimes I just can’t stant it To be heard and seen from all directions I can’t explain these things I feel All I know is they are there And there they are to stay You ask...

  14. Where To Go

    Brown. Everything was brown. A dark, dry, dead kind of brown. These was some white too. But a dirty white, not the pretty pristine color. There were just these two colors. I continued staring. The trees were bare. Patches of snow covered the path in fr...

  15. Perfect Day (II)

    Shortly after we arrived at this ideal scene, we noticed the odd behavior of the animals. Looking again at the landscape around us, the sight shifted slightly. The sky was a blinding blue, the sun a harsh yellow, the water a frigid clear. The duck gaze...

  16. Perfect Day (I)

    The day started just like any other bright, halcyon day. The sky was a brilliant turquoise, the sun a radiating amber. The water on the crystal lake was still except for a few, gentle ripples the duck caused as she floated aimlessly on the water. The s...

  17. Cold Shoulder x2

    Preppy doesn’t seem to get the hints. He is either extremely persistant or really dumb. He keeps walking next to me, rambaling on about his day and his last weekend. I don’t hear a single word he says. Not that he notices in the slightest. ...

  18. Overcoming a Monstrosity

    There was a ball that started rolling A long time ago Getting big, faster, stronger all the time Distorting my vision, perception, reality Some have tried to slow it, stop it Refusing to let the monstrosity grow And sometimes I was on their side But ot...

  19. The Shower Floor (Old Ficlet Turned Ficly)

    Her legs were curled up to her chest, her head down on her knees. She let the hot water pound on her neck and back. The tears flowed down her cheeks. When the tears stopped, she reached for razor. Slowly, she dragged the blade across her wrist. The blo...

  20. {Utopies} Bartimaeus and Lone Writer

    There was one person from Ficlets I clicked with immediately. No person has ever understood me as well as he did. He knew what everything meant. From the way I said hello to the way I sat in a chair to the tone of my voice. I couldn’t keep anythi...

  21. {Utopia} Mr. Gabriel

    This boy and I have just met. It was late one night and my boyfriend had already been alseep for some time. I, however, was not tired. So I went on the ficly chat to see if any other person was awake to keep me entertained. Mr. gabriel was there for me...

  22. {Utopia} Blusparrow

    This girl is the most gorgeous girl I know. Everything about her shines – from her bubbly personality to her deep brown eyes. I connected with her within our first month of being on Ficlets. After the chats began, we talked more and more. We laug...

  23. Illusions Are a Girl's Best Friend

    As soon as I slipped my car into park, I put my ear buds in my ears. Half the time I didn’t actually turn the music on, I just liked the illusion it created. It kept people from talking to me, if they thought I couldn’t hear them anyways. I...

  24. Fashion Show!!

    I laugh as I see Gabe’s face light up. He begins chatting with his new friend and I leave him alone… for the time being. I resume my concentration on the road when a sign catches my eye. “Ohh!” I squeal, as I swerve onto the nex...

  25. Simply and Irrationally In Love

    I see his smile in my mind’s eye. The sweet lines of his face and the joy in his eyes are present. His hair is perfect as always, driving me insane with the want to touch it’s softness. He is taller than me, stronger than me. His smile fade...

  26. Only One Who Knows Me

    I sit here and think Alone with my thoughts You are the only one who knows Can’t you please explain? Why does he like me? Of all people No body likes me Not the real me The drugs, the boys, the crimes Act, lies, fake But they drink it in All of t...

  27. All It Takes Is A Little Coaxing

    I glance over at my best friend. He puts his phone back in his pocket and looks out the window. Concern fills my head. I return my gaze to the road, however. I know that Gabe doesn’t like to talk about things that upset him until he brings it up....

  28. Leaving

    I am tapping my toe. The metal of my red kitten heels click against the sidewalk. I put my hands on my hips, just above the white mini skirt I wore. My red t-shirt ends above my hands, leaving a thin strip of skin exposed. Gabe was glaring at me, not w...

  29. Something Is Amiss

    Does no body understand? Is it just me? I have this empty feeling Things are not the same I look back There are familiar faces here But the will is gone The old top dogs are lost in the passing Numbers up in the hundreds Ever rising and ever improving ...

  30. Finally Time

    She stares at her clock, wishing the time to tick away faster. Her heart beats in an agonizing rythme as she waits. Over and over again she stares down at the note he wrote her. She had memorized his hadnwritting long ago and could copy it in her sleep...

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