Not in Kansas Anymore

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It’s easy to get lost in the dark, especially if you’re drunk and blindfolded. But Tina wasn’t all that scared. She knew they thought she was hot, and it wouldn’t be long before they got bored with their little game.

Cheap red wine and beer mixed together, a Sneaky Pete they called it, sounded disgusting, and she couldn’t believe she’d even agreed to try it. And then had a few more. Maybe four or five.

She’d been out with Kurt once before, and he’d been nice enough, but this had been her first visit to Tri Sig. Kurt was blitzed before she’d finished her second drink, and then he wasn’t so nice. She wasn’t a prude by anyone’s standards, but his language got filthy fast, and when he asked these other two guys what they thought of her tits – when she was standing right there – she told Kevin to shut the fuck up. He laughed, and then they forced her into somebody’s car.

She got her hands untied and the blindfold off in just a few minutes. And then she was very scared. Appropriately so.

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  1. Avatar Lillie

    Happens everyday in fraternities and sororities. Very well written and the title fits perfectly.

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