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I’m 65 and have never written anything more creative than a book report in school or a memo in corporate America. My youngest daughter introduced me to ficly and the character limits are great for me, because I don’t need to have a big idea to begin.


  1. Springtime in the Rockies

    We all knew it was going to get cold, but we figured we were well prepared. And, so far, the snow hadn’t slowed us down all that much. We camped about a mile east of the pass, and planned to stay there for two nights so that we could get some res...

  2. A Case Study in Employee Development (Mature)

  3. A Snake Story

    Even though the copperhead was already dead, Stevie’s first encounter with a real snake scared the daylights out of him. He was 7 years old and at a summer camp in the Poconos. One of the counselors had killed the snake with a shovel, and was mak...

  4. Not in Kansas Anymore (Mature)

  5. Ted's Tuna

    It doesn’t make any sense that Ted’s Tuna, a small sandwich shop about a mile from here, is so successful. Ted used to be a some kind of corporate middle manager who lost his passion for whatever it was he did shortly after he started doing...

  6. Have a Nice Weekend (Mature)

  7. Toilet Seats Never Had a Chance Against Robby (Mature)

  8. Hit Me

    I started out winning a bunch, but my luck turned south about 1 AM. From then on, it seems like every time I hit on 12 I busted with a face card, every time I doubled down on 10 or 11 I drew a deuce, and if my first two cards were any good, the dealer ...

  9. Helping Hans

    He was a bully from the time he was in kindergarten, so everyone who knew Hans was shocked that he’d entered a helping profession. But, as it turned out, his appetite for the suffering of others was pretty much satisfied by listening to his patie...

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