On the Way to Prom

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The doorbell rang.

“Cody!” Brittany screamed. She had been crying. “I thought you weren’t coming. Your mom called.”

“I had to see you,” Cody said, trying to enunciate around the fangs. “It’s Prom. I promised.”

He reached a clumsy paw into his too-small jacket and pulled out a box. “For you,” he growled, handing it to her. “I can’t open it.”

“I know,” she said. “Thank you for coming.” She pulled the corsage out of the box and delicately pinned it to her dress. Cody reached out to fluff the squished petals, crushing them further between his claws. He dropped his arm.

“Need to hurry,” he said. “Parents think I’m home. Used window.”

“How long do we have?”

“One hour. Transformation not complete yet. Can still dance.” Awkwardly, Cody shifted his weight from leg to leg.

Brittany laughed. “Okay Timberlake, we’ll hurry.”

Cody moved to all fours. “Couldn’t bring car,” he apologized. “Too noisy. Get on back?”

“Yes,” she said, still laughing. She grabbed her purse and flung her arms around his neck. “Let’s go.”

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  1. Avatar Aurelia

    Very cute!! I’m honored by the sequel. :-)

  2. Avatar j. smthng


    How do you get a chain around here? I feel weird sequelling myself, but I think Cody has potential. :)

  3. Avatar Aurelia

    Go for it!! Could always invite others to participate… Elsha and MJY are quite prolific, they might have something to say. :)

  4. Avatar J. Rein B.

    aww. XD

    Love is blind and not ticklish, then. :D

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